A full-scale builder and construction duty site generate waste at regular intervals. Hire, Builder Skip Hire Bourne as your eventual support in this situation. Are there any enormous waste piles on-site? Leave it to us; we will supervise those garbage duties easily. Skip Hire Bourne is a futuristic and wholly dedicated skip hire company in Bourne.



Bourne Skip Hire is not an ordinary skip hire company in your locality. We are a full span company offering all skip sizes. Moreover, we don’t trade-off on the standard of our service and remain active 24/7. We supply all builder skip hire sizes Bourne all around you. In our builder range, 6-yard skip hire is available for service. We are experts and also highly admired for 8-yard skip hire Bourne. Our builder skip hire Bourne is available on rent for any construction and commercial trash disposal. Our focus is a budget-friendly, professional, swift and reliable service. 

6 Yard Skip Bourne


A 6-yard midi skip is available for the removal of construction sites waste materials such as cement, soil, boards, bricks, etc. These builder skips in Bourne are available for carrying 60-70 bin bags of hardcore builder waste. These skips structured according to these dimensions: 2.60 m Length x 1.52 m Width x 1.22 m Height. The corresponding volume capacity of these 6-yard skip sizes in Bourne is 4.06-metre cubic or waste matter. These skips are good to go for general builder waste like wood logs, bulky mixtures, gravel and others. This skip will be feasible for greater volume of garden clearance waste or an overall renovation waste of your room or kitchen.


Bourne skip hire is a customer-oriented organisation with a standardised skip service. Skip Hire Bourne has always been easy and reliable. Just talk to one of our agents and get a skip delivered on the same day or booked day. But these prices may fluctuate after getting your requirements such as hiring period and location. A 6-yard skip price Bourne is quantifiably more reasonable than competing local companies. Additional charges may include if staff will arrange for a council permit when you need to place the skip outside your premises. Get more details from one of our staff members for a detailed explanation and profound guidance.


Believe it or not, our skip hire in Bourne has proved to be customer captivating over time. We are highly favoured for delivery of builder skips in Bourne. Our 8-yard skip size in Bourne is advised for the rental procedure if there are 80-90 large bin bags of waste at the site. Our skips have the dimensions of: 3.2 m Length x 1.75 m Width x 1.22 m Height. These skips can store 6.12 cubic metres of waste, stamped for builder’s choice to supplement the requirements of builders proper waste disposal. The 8-yard skip will facilitate if the waste is hardcore rubble, soil or building material debris. We will dispose of heaps and piles of building material waste to a junkyard on time when you fill the skip and ask us to take it from your site.


Why did Bourne Skip Hire and not the other companies? We, at Skip Hire Bourne, are a group of highly dedicated and motivated people devising ways to facilitate customers the best. We aim to cut any expenses which may enhance our service costs. Our 8-yard skip cost in Bourne is budget saving as compared to local competitors. Therefore, these prices may also fluctuate after considering your requirements, such as location and duration of keeping the skip. 

Midi vs Builder Skip Hire Comparison

Midi skips supplement essential waste collection duties for household chores. In contrast, the builder skips are a preferable choice for discarding construction waste. Midi skips are well-versed skips for a primary commercial litter collection task.  Builder skips can fulfil the garbage collection duties of more prominent firms. Midi skips can hold a maximum of 50-60 filled bags of rubbish. The builder skips are far greater capacity capable of accommodating 80-90 bin bags of litter material.

Builder vs Mini Skip Hire Comparison

Builder skips will save your effort when you need consecutive waste disposal bins at a construction site. Mini skips are popular for those mini waste treatment jobs at home. A mini skip is far lower in capacity and remains an unpopular choice in many cases. Builder skips are large enough to hold a minor and medium level home renovation garbage. Likewise, they can carry garden waste, annual house clearance waste and commercial waste. They are well-suited for superstores and average-sized food courts.


Builders Skips have a lot of benefits that will blow your mind.

Time Saving

Hiring a builder skip at a busy construction site will save you time. These construction sites are quite active. Appropriate allocation of a set up for waste disposal will remove any hindrance in the main building construction task. Who would hire a tipper separately and manage the waste locally

Cost Saving

In ongoing building projects and commercial construction projects saving cost is a crucial requirement. Hiring a builder skip for the voluminous and bulky waste will reduce any waste clearance headaches. Other waste disposal methods will cost you money and time.


Proper collection and disposal of waste materials are factors crucial to human health. At construction sites, tonnes of waste generated according to the scale of the project. The health and protection of labour is a top priority. Therefore, the authorities should arrange for a skip in time when waste piled up.

Versatility of Skip Sizes

Skip Hiring is a wholesome service which is for effective waste management solutions. Therefore, not all skip hiring companies to provide a wide range of skips for varied usages. Builder skips come in 6-yard and 8-yard size. You always have the right to choose the size which will appropriately fulfil the waste clearance needs.

All Waste in a Single Go

Skip Hire comes with the ease of contract basis hiring. Hire a skip for your construction site. Dispose of the collected waste in a single go. The on-site placement of a skip bin remains intact with the law and ease of waste disposal for builders.