Here we provide you 6 Reuse Ideas for Merchant Bulk Builders Bag. Over 100 million tonnes of trash is generated every year by the construction industry; our Bourne Skip Hire‘s professional team is on it to reuse builders bags to minimize the waste and offer tips for reutilizing builders bags.


Bulk Builders Bag would help make instant heaps of compost. You can place a layer of twigs and sticks in the bottom and put some old compost or soil full of worms and begin layering your browns and greens. Stir it every now and then, and after a time of few months, you will contain some free compost.


Builders Bag


Garden Waste

You can use these handy builders bags for a clearing up spot. These builders bags are fantastic containers for accumulating weeds, tree prunings and hedge clippings. You can also utilize these bags to transport materials to the local recycling center if you do not have space for compost at home.

Leaf Mould

Leaf mould is even more valuable for a gardener than compost, and it is so easy to make leaf mould. You just need to fill the builders’ bag with leaves and cover it. You need to keep it for one or two years, and nature will work its magic converting it into leaf mould.

Eliminate Weeds

Leave weed-suppressing plastic at the shop and save your money by repurposing your old builders’ merchant bulk bags. Before topping with wood chips or gravel, cut the bags into strips and lay them on the ground.

Secure Your Furniture

Everybody does not have space in a shed or garage for the safekeeping of things, so, during the Winter season, patio furniture can get a little bashing. Builders Merchant bulk bags help make waterproof covers for tables, kids’ sandpits and chairs.

Raised Beds

Builders merchant bulk bags are the perfect and ideal size for raised beds. You can place drainage material in the bottom of the builders’ bag and then fold it over the sides filling it with soil or compost. This is the best idea for successful growth.

Benefits of Builders’ Bulk Bags

Bulk bags are a great option whether you are considering various container options for your company or require a good alternative to your current ways. Builder bulk merchant bags can provide you with more benefits than other storage solutions which cannot be delivered to you.

Bulk Builders bags are the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective bags because they can be recycled and reused. One topmost benefit of builder bulk bags is that they are relatively budget-friendly, so you would not require to be upset about breaking the bank.

Bulk Storage

You can keep large quantities of materials at once with builders bulk bags’ storage. Some of the builders’ bulk bags can store up to 4,000 pounds or more, making it simple to combine your stock into a few containers only. You can easily fill, place and move bulk amounts of material utilizing a lift truck or similar machinery.


Modern Builder bulk bags or super sacks are manufactured of PP strands’ woven mesh fabric. This fabric is resistant to mildew and mould because the plastic-based fabric does not allow water to trap. It is able to shrink and stretch without any harm to it, so it also has decent resistance against heat. Strong fabric is produced because of the weave pattern than non-woven material, and the strength of the bag as a whole is increased because of the overlapping strands.

Watertight Fabric

With available options of watertight fabric, you will be able to ship and store material that requires staying dry without getting worried about mildew or mould growth. Even if humidity is there in your storage space or water gets in a storm, these builder bulk merchant bags will protect your stock because of watertight fabric. These jiffy bags will also have the same protection when you are shipping your product, ensuring your stock in these bags is protected.


Since these builders bulk merchant bags are so durable that you can easily repurpose them once they are finished with their job. You can make them last for various storage or shipping and for longer if you clean them in between uses and take care of the totes. Reusable bulk bags means lower costs for storage for your company over time and constant delivery of shipping packages.


You can recycle bulk bags once the bags can no longer be safely reutilized and have served their lifespan; Recycling the materials keeps the environment clean and more plastics out of landfills. Using bulk bags is a natural option with so many benefits to consider.

You can safely store and ship bulk units without having any worries about buying new packaging and sustaining harm over time. If you have any reuse ideas for builders bulk bags or have come across any supplier reusing builders’ bulk bags to refill, share in comments.

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