Heavy industrial and large renovation projects generate a considerable amount of trash. Maxi Skip Hire Bourne is the destination company to get a skip hire service. Other methods of waste disposal are entirely inappropriate and ineffective. So why hesitate in hiring a professional waste disposal company for a swift and reliable waste discarding service. We are an experienced and well-structured skip hire company in Bourne. Our maxi skips are suitable for any considerably large waste disposal task.



No doubt that construction and industrial sectors produce a lot of waste material. The workers should dispose of these mixed waste correctly and in time. Health and hygiene are the primary factors of consideration. Bourne skip hire is always active for your service; just give our staff a call. We are delivering all maxi skip hire sizes across the locality. 

These include the varied skip sizes of 10-yard, 12-yard, 14-yard, 16-yard and 18-yard. Our 10-yard skip hire in Bourne is suitable for medium-level waste accumulation tasks. 10-yard is the smallest skip size available in our maxi skip range. Next in the category, we deliver 12-yard skip hire in Bourne for enormous waste generating sites, e.g., a superstore or a mini-industry. 

Our 14-yard skip hire in Bourne is a popular choice for disposing of heavy metal, wood, plastic and other bulky items. Likewise, we deliver the 16-yard skip hire in Bourne, and 18-yard skip hires in Bourne at lower prices for a great customer experience. Maxi skip hire in Bourne is readily available for your assistance, dial our number and get a skip for same-day or as scheduled.

10 Yard Skip Hire Bourne


A 10-yard skip size in Bourne is the starter skip size for commercial usage. We supply 10-yard maxi skip at a cut price and high-quality service. Our staff is dedicated to a standardized and top professional skip hire in Bourne. So logically, we admire our customer’s suggestions and reviews a lot. A 10-yard maxi skip in Bourne has enough capacity to hold 100-110 black bin bags of garbage. Dimensionally, our skips have the following values: 3.5 m Length x 1.5 m Height x 1.75 m Width. They are highly suitable for holding a 7.6-metre cube of waste. Our 10-yard skips are a preferred customer choice for riding general construction waste like debris, rubble and soil. You can add shop litter, wood leftovers, discarded textiles, and so much more to these skips.


Bourne skip hire is proud of providing a cost-effective solution to the customers. We are a highly reliable and trusted skip hire company in Bourne. The variation of prices occurs according to postal code and area difference. Moreover, the prices vary due to additional requirements like arrangement of council permits. Our staff’s customer-centric, professional and friendly attitude has made us a privileged company.


Looking for top-class skip hire in Bourne? We at Bourne Skip Hire take pride to be an exceptional and trustworthy skip service in town. Our 12-yard maxi skips are a reasonable choice for dealing with piles and heaps of commercial waste. These skips easily carry factory waste of all types and other commercial waste. They have a pre-calculated capacity of supporting up to 120-130 full black bin bags of garbage. We commit to a customer-oriented, and swift maxi skip hire in Bourne. A 12-yard skip size in Bourne has the dimensions of: 3.7 m Length x 1.68 m Height x 1.75 m Width.


Bourne skip hire is a thoroughly competitive skip hire company with the availability of all ranges and all sizes. The fluctuation of 12-yard skip cost in Bourne depends on your area code and duration of hire. Our skip hire in Bourne is available for a tenure of two weeks. Hiring the skip for an extended period incurs extra cost. Get additional information from our customer support team instantly. 


A 14-yard maxi skip is the ultimate choice to dispose of large and hardcore construction materials. They can easily hold rubble, concrete, mixed gravel, soil and other materials like wood, discarded steel or useless spare parts. Try us for once, and you will receive a spontaneous skip hire service in Bourne. A 14-yard skip size in Bourne can support 140-150 black bin bags of waste clutter. Dimensions of a 14-yard maxi skip in Bourne are: 4.1 m Length x 1.8 m Height x 1.75 m Width.


The prices of a skip hire rely upon several eminent factors. Bourne skip hire commits for the provision of a reliable and cheap skip service. Avail our 14-yard skip hire in Bourne for assistance at any suitable time. The 14-yard skip cost in Bourne is negligible as compared to other companies. The prices vary due to factors like location, hiring period and council permit arrangements. If you need more guidance contact our helplines for thorough guidance.


A 16-yard maxi skip is a vast and expansive container to carry a hefty amount of waste. Our 16-yard maxi skip, Bourne is deliberately recommended for construction sites. These skips manage up to 170-180 black bin bags of rubbish. Avail our 16-yarders at a reduced cost and quality service. Dimensionally these skips are attributed with: 4.3 m Length x 2 m Height x 1.75 m Width. Our 16-yard skip size in Bourne is large enough to hold 12.23-metre cubic waste. They can keep demolition waste, debris, stones, gravel, boulders, and so much more. These skips are suitable for industrial waste collection as well.


Bourne skip hire is proactively managing its skip hiring facility all over the region. We provide a hassle-free and responsible skip service at our best. A 16-yard skip cost in Bourne is dependent on some factors like hiring duration and council permit requirement. It is always better to talk with our helper team for realistic, accurate and better skip hire advice. We are cheap skip hire in Bourne with a guaranteed customer service infrastructure.


We offer an 18-yard skip size as the largest size in our maxi skip category at Bourne skip hire. Our 18-yard maxi skip is useful for extra and large waste production sites. These maxi skips in Bourne are available for a hire period of two weeks. Book them for wait and load service at a much-deducted price. We provide efficient and thoroughly structured skip hire in Bourne. An 18-yard skip is the last ship which has skip bin look-alikes. Upper ranges then this size are shaped like jumbo containers. Our 18-yard skip size, Bourne efficiently manages 190-200 black bin bags of waste. Dimensionally these skips are as following: 4.3 m Length x 2 m Height x 1.75 m Width.


The team of Bourne skip hire is highly pragmatic for a positive customer experience. We are committed to supplying affordable skip hire in Bourne. An 18-yard skip cost in Bourne is dependent on certain factors like duration time etc. A thirty minutes wait and load skip hire service is quite budget-friendly. Placing the skip on public land is not allowed without council permission. Arrangements for council permits will cost extra if required in any case.

Maxi vs Builder Skip Hire Comparison

Maxi skips are far higher in the capacity as compared to the builder skips. Maxi skips have the impressive ability to hold up to 200 bags of waste. However,  builder skips can support the weight of 90 bags of garbage at a maximum. Maxi skips are better for more extensive construction, refurbishment and industrial waste deposits. They can hold waste in bulk and have no restrictions for hardcore construction waste as far as our company is concerned. People use builder skips for dumping the builder raw materials like excavated soil, gravel, cement, wood chips and marble etc.

Maxi vs Midi Skip Hire Comparison

Midi skips are useful for random household and small shop chores. They are suitable to accumulate a small amount of rubbish which comes from homes and shops. Maxi skips are purpose fulfilling for managing large heaps of waste at big sites. Useless machine parts, alloys, factory waste, rubble, boulders, concrete and rubble, can be added to these jumbo containers. Usually, the midi skips don’t require council permits as their size is fitting for an average household or shop. Maxi skips are quite large and may need public permissions for occupying the government land.


Maxi Skips have a lot of benefits that will blow your mind.

Varied sizes

Maxi skips are available in an extensive range of sizes. Starting from a 10-yarder which can adjust 110 bags of waste up to an 18-yarder, which can manage 200 load bags of garbage. The customer has a lot of options to choose the suitable one. Always consider the skip capacity before hiring one.

Save resources

You can save ample time, effort and money by booking a skip. At large construction and commercial sites, it is highly feasible to opt for a cheap skip. It is far better than having heaps and piles of waste deposited by lorry or tipper. It is financially viable to choose a skip service.

Site safety

Site safety is a crucial factor to be considered at construction sites. Any harm to the health and physique of builders and workers is unbearable. Excessive dust and piles of rubble make the area vulnerable to health problems. So the authorities should arrange for a skip bin on time.

Environmental safety

Maintenance of a clean and green environment is the prime human responsibility. Heaps and clutters of waste pollute the environment primarily. Therefore, you should call a skip hire on time for an appropriate landfill or recycling arrangement of rubbish.

Safe act

Leaving waste material on public roads is against government rules. This act can lead to hefty fines and government notices. It is our responsibility to keep the ecosystem as clean as possible, so commercial staff should remain proactive. It is always better to hire a skip on time for personal and public safety.