It is always stressful to deal with the disposal of trash that is your legitimate responsibility. Skip Hire Bourne still suggests to hire a skip and make yourself relax. Instead of going back and forth for your waste, isn’t it so convenient to have a separate skip by your side every time? This is the most refined platform to buy a mini skip Bourne to deal with the terrible situation of trash handling. Skips are not only cheap here but also of excellent quality. If you are ambiguous about finding the best skip, you know where to find it in Bourne.




With the ability to hold around 40 black bags of waste, it is best suitable for bathrooms, garden clearance, DIY projects, and kitchen renovation. Mini skips have 2 standard sizes, one is 2-yard mini skip, and the other is 3-yard mini skip. Both of the skips just have a slight difference and appear to be similar. Both of the skips do not require much workforce and are easy to carry. The mini skips’ size is so small that it can even be placed in the kitchen and garden. Selecting a smaller skip to put it in the kitchen and garden is a wiser decision to get rid of tiny waste and trash quite efficiently.

2 Yard Skip Bourne


It is the smallest skip available with the dimensions of 5ft Length x 4ft Width x 3ft length and makes it compact and portable. This is a quality skip hired by Bourne to deal with the removal of the trash material. It is best for people whose houses are surrounded by gardens and trees. It has the volume to carry about 20-30 bags of waste. You can also use it for DIY(do it yourself)  projects.


The average price to hire 2 Yard skip to carry up to 40 bags of trash. Keep in mind that it is just a regular price, not fixed, and you can get more relaxation on the ground of the hiring period as well as the location where you want to get this skip size.


3-yard skip hire Bourne has a volume slightly more significant than a 2-yard skip and carries up to 40 black bags of trash. If you are looking for a small skip but consider a 2-yard skip is too small, then this is the best fit for you. You can use a 3-yard skip if someone has to dispose of smaller scale waste.


The average price to hire a 3-yard skip with the ability to carry 30 bags of trash. It is important to remember that these prices may fluctuate, not ultimate, and you can find the exact price after giving your location and hire period of the skip.

Mini vs Midi Skip hire comparison

A 2-yard skip and 3-yard skip are also known as mini skips. On the other hand, a 5-yard and 6-yard skip are also available in the market, and these sizes are popular as midi skip sizes. The midi skips are more significant in dimensions as compared to mini skips. Midi skips can contain a more considerable amount of trash than the mini skip category. Midi skips may require a permit from the local government authorities. In contrast, mini skips do not require any permit requirements and their prices are also low. Midi skip is not much as convenient as mini skips for placement purposes. Both skips provide value according to their demand. 

Mini vs Builder Skip Hire comparison

Mini Skips are affordable and very easy to use in terms of practice, whereas the Builder skips are giant and challenging to move frequently. Builder skip is bigger and useful for industrial purposes. They are relatively more expensive than mini skips. Mini skips tend to be more user friendly due to compact size, and builder skip is not. Builder skips are of two types: the smaller ones with a size of 6 cubic and large with 8 cubics. The builder skips can contain more trash, and it is a perfect choice for the builders to remove produced waste material. 


Mini Skips have a lot of benefits that will blow your mind.

Environment savvy

Mini skips provide you with the opportunity to place it anywhere and put trash right away, and keep the environment clean and tidy. In this way, you will stop littering, and people will behave like more responsible citizens. In this way, skips can add more value to your lifestyle.

All trash in one area

It may be inconvenient and uncertain to get work done when your office is exceptionally messy and littered. You may remove the burden off your trivial development when you hire an appropriate skip bin for the volume of waste you need to discard. 

Laid-back Portable

We all go through a lot of mental stress when some construction work is going home, and it leaves a lot of leftovers for us to clean, but it is inevitable too. All you can do is to hire a mini skip, which is way portable and make it easy to dispose of construction waste. The considerable benefit of the mini skip is that you can collect trash in real-time by placing it at a construction site because it is super compact. It is additionally helpful skip size along with the builder skips. 

An aggravation free service

One important reason is that people select to hire mini skips when finishing a home makeover project just because it makes the experience flatter and eliminates the annoyance of organizing waste disposal by yourself. You just have to put your requirements through our website, and we will deliver your required skip size at your premises on the same day or the next day. When you are complete with your development, the concerned stakeholder will automatically collect it from you.

Do not concern about the recycling center

When you hire a mini skip, you do not have to bother the inaugural times of your resident tip. When trusting on your resident tip’s inaugural hours, it will add pressure on you to complete your project in one day. In case you want to clear your house and garden on Sunday and the tip isn’t open, and you will not have time to go throughout weekdays because of work. In that scenario, mini skip hire is the best answer.