Sofa Removal Guide will help you to remove your old sofa in a cost effective way. Are you thinking of removing your old sofa and replacing it with a new one? Are you feeling it’s time to replace your old sofa with a unique comfier style? Or you may be decorating your living room in a house clearance, so you want to remove the old sofa as it sticks out a mile.

Our easy to follow, quick and straightforward sofa removal guide will allow you to dispose of your sofa safely. When it comes to sofa disposal, removal and collection, many options are there, which we will follow in this thorough and easy to understand sofa removal guide.

Sofa Removal Guide

How do I do my Sofa Removal Process?

Depending on how cheaply or quickly you want to remove your sofa, multiple options are available. So understanding where to begin with sofa disposal may not seem tricky as you have various options for safe sofa removal.


If you are going to dispose of your old sofa, we will recommend generously giving your sofa away to charities if it is in good condition. Many charities in your area will offer to get your sofa collected for free and donate it to the person in need. Many charities will receive your sofa happily and offer it to another person who needs this sofa. Some of the best examples of sofa donation are as follows;

British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation is a charity devoted to the fight against heart disease, the furniture stores they own are based all over the United Kingdom. The British Heart Foundation furniture stores will offer you a free sofa booking until it is in working order. All the funds collected from donations go towards the charity.


Barnardo’s is a charity devoted to assisting the lives of children dealing with the issues that make them vulnerable and surrounds like disability, domestic violence and poverty. Visit Barnardo’s website once and see if they can collect your old sofa as they have many stores located in the United Kingdom.

Cancer Research United Kingdom

This charity in the United Kingdom raises funds for essential research to assist in fighting all shapes of cancer. Providing a sofa in working order to Cancer Research UK they will arrange a free sofa collection that is donated.


Another available option for your unwanted safe sofa removal is selling your sofa. You can do this by traditional selling methods such as newspaper advertisements or online. Before disposing of your old sofa, consider that someone else might be looking for a new place to alleviate after a long working day.


If your old, unwanted sofa is not in working condition and can not be donated or sold, then sofa disposal is the next best option for you. Many options for safe sofa disposal are available; you just need to make sure either it is a legal or responsible way to dispose of your old sofa.

Man and Van Waste Removal

Bourne Skip Hire can help you with our reliable and low-cost Man and Van waste clearance service. The service permits you to sit back and rest yourself while the Bourne Skip Hire team takes care of everything for your convenience. All we require is that you authorize us to take the old sofa and leave and allow us somewhere we can park freely and safely within 50 meters of your old sofa.

You can visit various sizes to obtain your money’s worth. Please make sure your sofa is not going to be fly-tipped across the corner and do all the dedication when it comes to an agreement. You can visit our guide to know more about fly-tipping and the risks involved with it.

Trash Transfer Station

Generally, your local tip, a cheaper waste elimination alternative, is going to take your old sofa to the local waste transfer station. Most tips accept your old sofas, but you need to ensure first whether they are licensed or not.

Stay Back and Relax

Now you can stay back and relax on your new sofa thinking of your old sofa as it is now in safe hands.

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