What You can & Cannot Put In a Skip? Skip hire is a convenient and excellent way to get rid of the trash in your home. While clearing your home and garden, you will recognise that you have various types of debris to get rid of. Before you jump on trash elimination, it is essential that you understand and know what type of trash you can throw in a skip and what type you cannot throw in a skip. This is based on the fact that a number of laws and regulations are there on what can and cannot be thrown in the skip. This also may change depending on the company you get a skip from.


What You can & Cannot Put In a Skip


Types of Rubbish that is Acceptable for Your Skip

There are many skip companies that allow almost every type of trash/waste in the skip competing with different skip hire companies today in the United Kingdom. These companies accept in their skips household and garden waste. When you clear out the garden or lawn area as your routine cleaning part or after a makeover project, you may need to dispose of;

  • Sand
  • Compost
  • Sand and soil in a skip
  • Broken bricks pieces

You might be thinking and wondering whether I can put garden trash after garden clearance. It is important to note that you can also get rid of wet and dry fallen leaves, vegetation trimming, branches and grass clippings, among other related trash in the skip bin. This is because companies understand that home renovation projects and tasks generally create a lot of debris. So, these companies offer guidelines on how you can correctly eliminate:

  • Trimmings in the garden area
  • Metal
  • Wood trash
  • Plastics and building debris into a hired skip.
  • The trash from electrical fittings and fixtures.

Broken objects, including furniture, sacks and plastic bags, can also be disposed of in a skip. However, you are required to understand precisely what you can place in a skip and how to make sure that waste is disposed of safely. Knowing and understanding how to dispose of trash in a skip also assists in ensuring that a skip company accepts your waste.

In some cases, this is because wrong items’ disposal in a skip can bring you to criminal charges. With this guide on Bourne Skip Hire, you will come to know what you can place in a skip, but before hiring skip services from a company, you are required to go an extra mile to contact a skip hire company. This will guide you to make informed and wise choices when selecting a skip hire company.

What Can You Put in a Skip?

Some of the most famous objects or scrap objects you can put in your skip include:

  • Rubble, bricks and wood
  • Broken furniture pieces
  • Non-electrical fittings and furnishings
  • Plastics, which can be recycled easily
  • Plastic packaging items and cardboard
  • Solidified paints
  • Metals, leaves and branches.
  • Uncontaminated soil

What Can You Not Throw in a Skip?

Some of the objects you cannot use a skip hire for disposal include:

Electrical Items

In the skip, you cannot put electrical items such as fridges, freezers and televisions, among other waste items. These types of scraps should be eliminated in a recycling center, and a Trash Electrical Company must offer guidance and assistance on how to dispose of them appropriately.

Gas Cylinders

You cannot also dispose of your gas cylinders, either empty or complete, in a skip, as they are potentially harmful to the environment and to you as well. You are required to contact your supplier or skip provider because they are always willingly ready to collect utilized cylinders. You can contact Bourne Skip Hire for your gas cylinders collection. Alternatively, Many gas cylinder recycling companies are there in the area you can contact for your gas cylinder collection.


It’s a big no for asbestos to put them in a skip as it is dangerous and harmful. The United Kingdom government imposes strict laws for the persons who dispose of asbestos materials in a skip. So, to call an asbestos expert is the best way to get advice on the best way to dispose of the trash without harming your neighbors, friends, and health.


Batteries are never allowed in a skip for disposal because they have harmful metals and chemicals that might be exceptionally harmful. They are required to be dealt separately when it comes to disposing of them, and even they are small. In this case, you are required to take the batteries to a nearby local supermarket or a petrol station that has specific boxes for the disposal of your batteries.

Paint, Liquids, Solvents & Fuel

Paint, liquids, solvents and fuel cannot be eliminated in a skip. All these liquid items contain hazardous compounds, and particular companies are approved for the disposal of such liquid wastes. For example, fluorescent lighting tubes have a highly dangerous compound, mercury. Therefore, they require approved removal to stop possible threats.

Medical Waste

Similarly, it is not suitable and possible to dispose of the medical waste in ordinary skips. Used and contaminated medical waste can cause severe contamination and infections; as you dig out more on what you can fill in a skip, you also require to be aware of the threats connected with the trash types you are controlling. Therefore anything from the biological, hospital or medical waste should be controlled with safety and care in line with the health department.


You are required to take guidelines from the environmental agency when disposing of old tyres. You can visit the designated places where you can dispose of damaged or old tyres.

Plasterboard Disposal in Skips

The government of the United Kingdom prohibits the disposal of plasterboard in a skip. So circumvent placing plasterboard or related trash in skips. You need to take it to a specialized and licensed recycling center near you. However, skip companies are there that are licensed to dispose of plasterboards, and they have specific equipment to handle such waste. Bourne Skip Hire is always ready to handle your plasterboard waste; you can contact Bourne Skip Hire experts freely to handle your waste responsibly.


Mattresses need to be handled differently from the general waste, and they should be eliminated separately. If you must get a skip for mattress disposal, you need to do it properly. A mattress has elements that can cause a problem for landfills. That is why, initially, you are required to consult a skip hire company if they accept waste mattresses in their skips or not. You can use some other easy to dispose of your old mattress as, according to the experts, they can be damaging to the environment:


Pay a company for the collection and recycling of your old mattress
Make a call to the local council or local tip since they provide disposal services for bulky items.


One of the questions has created unending debates: Can I put glass in the skip? Glass is a hazardous and harmful item that you cannot put in a skip. It is even dangerous and worse if it is broken; therefore, you are required to take precautionary measures that are sensible and cover the glass before its disposal.

You need to call glass recycling companies to dispose of the glass. Companies can utilize special disposal containers to dispose of the glass. Broken glass can be reused, crushed or ground in various healthy and safe ways.

Rules and Regulations for Putting Waste in a Skip

Skips are excellent methods to get rid of the trash, so you are required to know and go after the rules and regulations of the skip hire company; if skip companies have landfills, this shows they can recycle more, and they get charged. So, they imply rules and regulations that you require to follow. You can ask your skip provider what you can put in your skip and what you cannot place in it.

The guidelines regarding waste elimination and placing gin a skip vary from company to company. Whenever you are not certain about your waste elimination in a skip, appropriate consultation with a skip hire company will also assist you to exclude your fears.

Dry Trash Burning

Generally, after garden tidying or garden clearing, you might be tempted to burn your dry trash. You are advised not to burn the dry waste in a skip in such a case. This will not only lead you to serious penalties for breaching guidelines of local fire safety but also will damage the skip and its paintwork.

Therefore keep your environment clean and learn more appropriate ways to dispose of your trash in a skip to keep the environment clean all the time. Now you need to select your skip that best fits your requirement as you know better what you can keep in your skip and what you cannot throw in it.

Skips are available in different materials and sizes, so you are required to define your needs and waste type. This will assist you to hire a skip that will hold all your trash.

Book With Bourne Skip Hire

You need to select a reliable and cost-effective skip hire company. You are required to choose a skip-providing company that will not disappoint you and you; you can compare the quality and prices of skips and services provided by various companies.

Most companies dispose of most household and construction waste. You need to select a company that best matches your needs and budget. Before you finalize a skip hire company, you need to compare your prices.

Bourne Skip Hire provides the most cost-effective and reliable skip services, allowing you to enjoy skip services without disruptions. Bourne Skip Hire is a professional, reliable and flexible skip hire services provider in the United Kingdom with a strong reputation in the field of skip services.

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